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26 March 2009: Suskind Allegations & Inquiry

25 March 2008: Speech on an Inquiry on Iraq

22 March 2005: My visit to Iraq

13 January 2005: Iraq Elections

13 January 2005: Iraq Survey Group on 'uranium claim'

13 January 2005: The Prime Minister and regime change in Iraq

15 November 2004: Falluja

25 October 2004: No to US request for UK troops in northern Iraq

Previous postings:

What evidence does the UK Government have that Iraq possesses WMD or of a link between Iraq and al-Qa'ida? Submission to Butler Review June 2004
The mis-information peddled by George W Bush Feedback
3 April 2003 - Alternatives to war - What should have been done to bring freedom to the Iraqi people? Department for International Development - info on humanitarian situation
3 April 2003 - What should we do now that we are at war?

click here for information on the run up to war


If you are a constituent (you can check at please feel free to send me your views on the war on Iraq or any feedback on the information I have posted on this site.  Click here to email me (please include your addresss and postcode). 




Butler Review and the 'Uranium claim'

click here for Early Day Motion on Iraq Survey Group findings on 'uranium claim'

click here for my comments on the Review

click here for my submission on the 'uranium from Africa' claim

Fallujah and other issues

April/May 2004

Fairford Demo and mis-use of the Terrorism Act

08 December 2004
Coach-Napped Protestors "virtually prisoners" rules Court of Appeal

Katherine Gun

Click here for the text of a motion that I tabled in support of the GCHQ whistleblower


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