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IRAQ Countdown to War

3 April 2003: For information on my views once the war started please click here.


20 March 2003:   In the early hours of 20 March, the US launched the war on Iraq.  By chance I had been drawn at no. 1 in the ballot for oral questions that morning.  I used the opportunity to call for the business of the House to be suspended now that we were engaged in a war based on misinformation that George Bush was feeding his people.  Click here for the Hansard record and links to interventions I have made during speeches made by the Prime Minister and Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon, on the issue of US misinformation.

20 March 2003:   Click here for an article I have written on "The legality of war on Iraq". 

20 March 2003:   Click here for a transcript of a very interesting interview with Dr Hans Blix on the Today Programme (typed up from the audio clip available on the BBC website:

19 March 2003:   Click here for my latest question to the Prime Minister.

18 March 2003:   In Parliament on 18 March, I voted against our country being involved in the US led invasion of Iraq.  I sat in on the debate in the Chamber from 12pm until 10pm waiting to be called but unfortunately was not called to make a speech myself.  I was able to make some interventions (you can look these up in Hansard via on other speeches, including a question to Tony Blair on President Bush's erroneous claim that Iraq has aided, trained and harboured terrorists, including operatives of Al-Qa'ida.  Click here if you want to see the text of the speech I would have made.

12 March 2003:   Click here an article I wrote for the Birmingham Evening Mail "Why I Oppose War on Iraq".

5 March 2003: On 5 March, at Prime Minister's questions, I asked Tony Blair about the legality under United Nations rules of military action.   As he did not answer my question, I tabled Early Day Motion 842.  For the text of my question and EDM click here (where you will also find a link to the text of the so called 'second UN resolution' drafted by the US, UK and Spain and information on the proposals from the French and Canadian Governments).

4 March 2003: On 4 March, with other MPs, I attended a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister, Igor Ivanov.   Click here for details.

27 February 2003: I was one of 122 Labour MPs (121 and a teller) who voted against the Government on 26 February. Click here for more details.

13 February 2003: during questions to the Foreign Secretary after a statement on Iraq, Jack Straw failed to answer key questions.  Two important Early Day Motions with cross party support are tabled this week.  Click here for details. The following quote from Oxfam was sent to me this week by a constituent: "Those who propose war have not yet shown that any threat from Iraq is so imminent that it justifies the risk of so much human suffering".

29 January 2003: at Prime Minister's Questions, I asked Tony Blair why our policy towards Iraq was different before Bush's 'Axis of Evil' speech, the following link will take you to the Hansard record and a copy of the "core" letter that I am currently sending to constituents who email me about war on Iraq.

25 November 2002: please click here to read the Hansard record of my intervention on Iraq during the debate on UN Resolution 1441.

26 September 2002: Parliament recalled but MPs denied a proper vote, click here to for more information.


If you are a constituent (you can check at please feel free to send me your views on the war on Iraq or any feedback on the information I have posted on this site.  Click here to email me (please include your addresss and postcode). 

3 April 2003: For information on my views once we were at war please click here

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The Dossiers

24-09-02 (previous to the 'dodgy dossier')

By Labour Against the War

January 2003
The link above takes you to the often referred to 'dodgy dossier' that was criticised for being a cut and paste job using the work of a Californian PhD student.

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