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I issued the following press release on- Higher Education Funding on 21.05.04


Lynne Jones MP is launching a campaign to help the A&E teams at Selly Oak Hospital by making sure that local people know all the options to get the treatment they need:

Lynne Jones MP said:   "After my calls for increased investment in the NHS I'm pleased that the Health Secretary, John Reid, recently announced increased investment for NHS trusts that treat the vast majority of A&E patients in 4 hours. I know our local NHS staff will be working hard to hit that target, but we can all help.

"Every A&E worker has stories of spending valuable time on patients who don't need to be treated at A&E. This isn't because people are thoughtless, but because they are understandably confused and concerned by their illness. At the same time, people with really serious conditions often don't want to bother busy doctors and nurses.

"The government has announced that Thomson Local directories will now include easy to use, step by step healthcare advice and information covering over many of the most common adult and child health problems with advice on how to treat symptoms at home where appropriate.

"I want to encourage everyone to consult their NHS guide when it arrives with their Thomson directory, and help our A&E treat those who need it most first. Of course, everyone should get their treatment they need, but often A&E needn't be the first calI.

This could make a real difference to Selly Oak, because the quicker the hospital can provide treatment, the more likely patients are to recover."

"If residents do not receive a copy, they can find one at or can get immediate advice by calling NHS direct on 0845 46 47.

Notes to editors:

1.            The Thomson Local Directory this year will include a 16 page NHS guide to common complaints, with suggestions on the appropriate way to respond, from treating at home to calling 999.

2.            The Government has set a target of 98% of all A&E patients being treated within 4 hours. Obviously the fewer minor complaints that are taken to A&E and seen at more appropriate locations, the more time is freed for serious emergencies.

3.            More details about the Thomson Directory supplement and NHS direct campaign can be found here or by calling 0845 46 47




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