MPs' expenses, office and staff costs

November 2007

MPs' and Peers' expenses, office and staff costs have been published on the Parliament website since 2004.  The latest figures available are for April 06- March 07:

During 06-07 I claimed a total of  146,793 made up of:

14,045: Additional Costs Allowance (the cost of my London home)

9,660: Incidental Expenses Provision (office running costs)

97,911: Staff costs (3 full time and 1 part time staff)

5,073:    Members' travel

192:      Members' staff travel

736:    Centrally purchased stationery

3,389:    Stationery - associated postage costs

1,390:    Central IT provision

14,397: Staff maternity cover

I spend more on staffing than provided for by the staffing allowance.   It is wrong of the media to publish only the global figures, and to call this total figure 'expenses' when the bulk of the money goes on paying staff and running my two offices.

For information for what MPs and Members of the House of Lords have claimed, please click on the links below:

Information for Members of the Commons: Direct link

Information for Members of the Lords: Direct link

The information is also available via the Parliament website homepage.


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MPs expenses, office and staff costs

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