Camp Hill Railway Line

Update: 17 August 2007

For many years, I have been pressing the Council about reopening the Camp Hill railway line which would give people in Moseley and Kings Heath access to a direct rail line into the city centre.  I have just received details of the results of the Camp Hill Railway Line Study into this proposal, in a public report to the Cabinet Member for Transportation and Street Services and I am informed by the Council that this will soon be available on their website.

I am also pleased that the 177m funding that will be required for the reopening of the Camp Hill line is being prioritised in the transport strategy recently submitted to the Government by West Midlands’ Local Authorities.  However, as you will see from a press release I recently issued, I remain disappointed with the overall thrust of this strategy, which I fear is unlikely to result in the funding we need from Government for this and other projects.




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