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MPs launch mental health website

A new website for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Mental Health,, has been launched to provide a resource for anyone wishing to understand more about mental health policy and the activities of the APPG itself. It will also provide links to key policy papers, parliamentary activities relevant to mental health and Hansard reports and parliamentary questions.

“We hope this new site will become a hub for parliamentarians and others seeking to learn more about mental health and government policy” said Lynne Jones, Labour MP and one of the three joint chairs of the group.

"Personally I will use this website to help me be give greater prominence to mental health issues in Parliament.  The more we talk about our experiences of mental ill-health and of progress in treatment and services, the more we undermine the stigma associated with mental illness.”

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1. To contact Lynne Jones, please call 0121 444 6277.

2. The All Party Parliamentary Group on Mental Health (APPGMH) was re-founded in 1996 in order to enable Members of both Houses of Parliament and other interested groups to become better informed about mental health issues.

The APPH MH has three joint chairs from the main parties: Lynne Jones MP (Lab), Timothy Loughton MP (Con) and Sandra Gidley MP (Lib Dem).

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