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Police: Kings Heath Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting - October 2007

Pasted below are the notes of the Kings Heath Police Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting of 24 October 2007. 

NB Date/ Time/ Venue of next meeting:
Thurday 29th November 7pm @ The Hub, Vicarage Road

Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting Feedback

Neighbourhood:    Kings Heath South / Stirchley

Date of meeting:  Wednesday 24th October 2007

The Hub, Vicarage Road, Stirchley


New Issues Raised – for action by police and partners


*Pallets of bricks left on pavement in Pineapple Road opposite Hazelwell PH

Kings Heath South:

*Rubbish left out by shops in Haunch Lane

*Graffiti in Grove Road on shop

*Children playing football in Partons Road


Answers – feedback and solutions


*Youth provision (or lack of) for younger children.

We are currently compiling a list of youth provision across the OCU which hopefully will be available to officers to give out to young children and parents.

Lady who raised issue to be informed of youth group for 8-11s at Stirchley Community Church


*Review of shops selling spray paints to young people (graffiti)

All shops selling spray paint in Kings Heath and Stirchley area have been visited and reminded of the law on selling to under 16s (ie it is an offence). This will be followed up with test purchases by trading standards officers.


*Anti Social Behaviour on Sainsburys Car Park / All Saints Road

PS Knowles has not yet been able to pin down Mr Torrington the manager to a meeting. However his deputy has stated that Sainsburys are currently reviewing the security of the car park and back of the store.


*Parking on grass verges outside Kings Heath Boys School

PCSOs have patrolled outside school on several occasions at school end. Although some parents are parking on the verges they are not obstructing the road or the pavement. Highways engineer to be approached to consider measures to protect grass verges.


*Fly tipping in Holly Bank Road

Billesley environmental warden informed but has since left the post. This to be addressed again when the new warden is in post.


*Vehicles being driven the wrong way along one way street..All Saints Road

Police have not seen any offences, however the street signs at the Abbots Road entrance could be clearer. Highways engineer to be approached re possibility of ‘Ahead only’ markings to be painted in road.  


*Invasion of Japanese knotweed on waste land in Kings Road

Environmental walkabout took place on 9th October with PS Knowles and Roy Dawson (environmental warden Brandwood) in Hartons Way, Dawberry Road Kings Road, Millbrook Road, Vicarage Road. Several properties were identified where action will be taken re litter and rubbish being deposited on frontages etc. Pile of green waste in Kings Close to be removed, also faulty manhole cover to be fixed. Graffitti on wall of Sams shop now painted over. Area of waste land at Dawberry Road eventually to be developed but may take two years . Councillor Leddy looking at whether short term use can be made of this for local community.

Other updates

Joint visits have been made by police / trading standards to all outlets in the two neighbourhoods selling fireworks this year. Crime prevention leaflets relating to Halloween/ Fireworks distributed. A nightly van patrol (Operation Amphurae) is to take place across the OCU to deal specifically with ASB relating to fireworks and underage drinking of alcohol.


Garages Hazelwell Estate

PCSO Barlow and PC Fothergill to arrange meeting of garage owners / residents to progress this further.


ASB Haunch Lane

Nick Cleaver (Youthwise, Billesley) outlined the work of the detached youth team who are now patrolling this area and answered questions.


Panel members present:


Chairman: Dave Jee  Hazelwell Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator).

Councillor Huxtable (Bournville Ward)

Councillor Axford (Billesley Ward)

Councillor Leddy (Brandwood Ward)

Sergeant Knowles / PC Fothergill /PCSO Barlow /PC Lucas



Councillor Summerfield (Brandwood Ward)


List of Members present from Partner Agencies

Roy Dawson (Brandwood Environmental Warden)

John Burke (City Services Lifford Lane)

Nick Cleaver (Youthwise, Billesley)


Approx 57 members of public present


Date/ Time/ Venue of next meeting

Thursday 29th November 7pm @ The Hub, Vicarage Road.


previous tasking meeting notes



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