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Police: Kings Heath Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting - November 2007

Pasted below are the notes of the Kings Heath Police Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting of 29 November 2007. 

NB Date/ Time/ Venue of next meeting:
Wednesday 30th January 2007 @ Brandwood Centre, Allens Croft Road

Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting Feedback

Neighbourhood:     Kings Heath South / Stirchley

Date of meeting:  Thursday 29th November 2007

The Hub, Vicarage Road, Stirchley


New Issues Raised – for action by police and partners



*Safety of school children crossing pedestrian lights in Dads Lane

* Street lights not working in Ripple Road

* Young people congregating outside Hazelwell PH / Vicarage Road

* Counterfeit currency being used at shops Vicarage Road

 Kings Heath South:

* Damaged lamp post at  Hazelhurst Road   @ Livingstone road

* Vehicles racing at night Grove Road area

* Haunch Lane vehicle crime /ASB consideration for camera (ongoing)


Answers – feedback and solutions


*Pallets of bricks on pavement on Pineapple Road

Owner of house spoken to and advised. Work on the house is ongoing. The situation will be monitered


*Rubbish left out by shops in Haunch Lane

There is now a new waste bin in place. District environmental wardens e mailed to visit shops and ensure ‘duty of care’ certificate in place and being complied with.


* Graffiti in Grove Road on shop.

The new graffiti has been removed by Roy Dawson. There is still old graffiti on the brickwork which can’t be removed.


*Children playing football in Partons Road

Attention has been paid by the neighbourhood team who are now working with the ‘All Saints Project’, Vicarage Road as well as ongoing work with Liz at The Den to divert young people into youth projects. The All Saints project has a football group on Monday nights.



Other updates

Another young person has been arrested for ‘tagging’ graffiti and has admitted offences in Vicarage Road, Stirchley and Kings Heath. He has agreed to take part in a graffiti clean up to be arranged in the new year.

The All Saints Project is a possible venue for an ‘art workshop’ which would be aimed at giving young people a place to practice graffiti art with advice and assistance from graffiti artists to develop and exhibit their work and discourage ‘street tagging’. This project is in the very early stages and will require planning and funding but if successful will hopefully be running next summer.


Anti Social Behaviour in All Saints Road

Sgt Knowles has had a very positive meeting with Mr Torrington the manager of Sainsburys. A security package proposal has been put forward for consideration of better secure gating at the rear of the car park, anti climb paint, fencing to prevent access to roof areas from the car park and a security camera at the rear. Mr Torrington is very committed to seeing this through. He has recently assigned a smoking area at the rear of the store for staff, who will be able to monitor any activity on the car park. He has also increased security patrols to four times a day and increased the times of the Euro Carpark attendants visits. He has offered support to the proposed ‘art workshop’ project and may be able to provide warehouse walls for practice.


Allens Croft School

Three persons arrested by neighbourhood team officers for breaking into the school and stealing workmens tools.


Operation with Environmental Crime Unit

Plain clothes operation over two nights in Allens Croft and Stirchley areas resulted in an arrest for anti social behaviour in Reeves Road and a number of other encounters in both neighbourhoods.


Gating at shops in Haunch Lane:

A number of premises are still to return indemnity notices. These are being chased  by PCSO Kennedy. Once received gates are ready to go up.


Litter patrol Stirchley Village:

Joint initiative on 7th November with police officers PCSOs and Carol Edge all taking part.


Sue Brookin (West Midlands Fire Service) gave out leaflets inviting people to take part in a free home safety check.



Panel members present:


Chairman: Dave Jee  Hazelwell Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator).

Councillor Huxtable (Bournville Ward)

Councillor Axford (Billesley Ward)

Councillor Leddy (Brandwood Ward)

Sergeant Knowles / PC Fothergill /PCSO Foundling


Councillor Summerfield (Brandwood Ward)


List of Members present from Partner Agencies

John Burke (City Services Lifford Lane)

Liz Freeth (Den Youth project)

Sue Brookin (West Midlands Fire Service)


Approx 29 members of public present


Date/ Time/ Venue of next meeting

Wednesday 30th January 2007 @ Brandwood Centre, Allens Croft Road.

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