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Police: Kings Heath Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting - June 2008

Pasted below are the notes of the Kings Heath Police Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting of 25 June  2008. 

NB Date/ Time/ Venue of next meeting:
Wednesday 30th July 2008 7.00pm @ The Pavillion, Kings Heath Cricket Club, Alcester Road South, Kings Heath.


New Issues Raised – for action by police and partners


*Inconsiderate parking of vehicles on Dads Lane opposite Highbury PH.

*Goods on footpaths outside shops in Pershore Road

*Graffiti of tag ‘Erors’ in Stirchley and Allens Croft area

*Inconsiderate parking over dropped kerbs in Charlotte Road

*Anti Social behaviour of youths gathering in Harvest Close / Fordhouse Lane

*Insecure properties at Hazelwell Lane and Fordhouse Lane / Pershore Road.


Kings Heath South:

*Motorbikes being driven inconsiderately in Harton Way

* Anti Social behaviour of youths in The Pathway

* Damaged lamp posts in Hazelhurst Road @ Livingstone Road

* Rubbish in Linley Grove area




Answers – feedback and solutions from last meeting



*Inconsiderate parking of vehicles in Hazelwell Crescent & County Close

We have not received any further complaints about this issue. We will continue to advise owners or issue FP tickets should we witness vehicles causing an obstruction. 


Kings Heath South:

*Anti –Social Behaviour of young people who trespass on the railway, throw stones and cause graffiti in the Allens Croft area


*Grafitti in Hartons Way and Dawberry Field Road


PCSO Kennedy has arranged for a joint walkabout with officers from British Transport Police to identify places where the railway line is being accessed

A number of young people have been identified by police and invited to take part in a ‘Headliners’ project at the Den Youth House starting in July. This project includes a workshop aimed at looking at the effects of stone throwing and grafitti.

We are working with the environmental wardens and The Den to arrange a grafitti clean up for the Allens Croft/ Harton Way /  Kings Road areas, involving these and other local young people and residents in the August school holidays. 



Panel members present:


Dave Jee (Chair)

Councillor Huxtable  (Bournville Ward)

Councillor Gregory (Billesley Ward)



List of Members present from Partner Agencies:

Karen Stevens   (Ward Support Officer, Bournville & Billesley Wards)

Sarah Bakewell (Housing Dept. ASB Officer Stirchley)

Roy Dawson (Environmental Warden Brandwood Ward)


Approx  70 members of public present





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