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Police: Kings Heath Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting - July 2008

Pasted below are the notes of the Kings Heath Police Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting of 30 July  2008. 

NB Date/ Time/ Venue of next meeting:
Wednesday 24th September 2008 @ @ The Hub, Vicarage Road, Stirchley

Neighbourhood:     Kings Heath South / Stirchley

Date of meeting:  Thursday 30th July 2008

Kings Heath Cricket Club, Kings Heath


New Issues Raised – for action by police and partners



*  The Worthings onto Fordhouse Lane, cars often parked dangerously over the   corners of the road and on the pavement. 

* Tree on corner of The Worthings needs cutting back

* Young people congregating outside Hazelwell PH / Vicarage Road

* Counterfeit currency being used at shops Vicarage Road

* Harton Way, mattresses dumped outside a property

* Bournville Bridge, flooding during recent bad weather

 Kings Heath South:

* Lack of black bin liners for residents in Linley Grove

* Allen’s Croft Road/Dawberry Fields Road, new play area development.  Unsafe for children at the moment.  ASB in an evening.  Skate area flooded recently with the bad weather

* Alleyway in between Kings Road/Dawberry Road, youths gathering after 9pm

* Drug dealing in Linley Grove.

* Livingstone Road/St Patricks Close, ASB, underage drinking and smoking, most evenings from 7pm onwards

* Featherstone Road/Westminster Drive near to the Scope house inconsiderate parking in the day



Answers – feedback and solutions


Inconsiderate parking of vehicles on Dad’s Lane opposite Highbury public house – team paying passing attention, vehicle’s are moved on if causing an obstruction


Goods on footpaths outside shops on Pershore Road – Council/Highways Agency and Sgt Knowles to do a join visit once Sgt Knowles back from annual leave


Graffiti of tag “ERORS” in Stirchley and Allens Croft area – ongoing, PCSO’s visited In a City Arts shop in Kings Heath as “ERORS” is known to purchase spray paints from this shop.  Shop workers do not know name of youth or where he lives but gave a description which has been circulated to the team

Inconsiderate parking over dropped kerbs in Charlotte Road – team been paying continued passing attention


Anti social behaviour of youths gathering in Harvest Close/Fordhouse Lane – these groups are associated with  addresses in Harvest Close and  Beilby Road /Windsor Road.  Thursday 31st July 2008 at Stirchley indoor bowls, residents of Harvest Close met for the 2nd time in company with PCSO 30655 Barlow, PC 20507 Smith, PC 4333 Jabeen, Sarah Bakewell from Housing Birmingham City Council and Cllr Huxtable all present, regarding ongoing issues in Harvest Close. 


Insecure properties at Hazelwell Lane and Fordhouse Lane/Pershore Road – all properties are now secure

Kings Heath South

Motorbikes being driven inconsiderately in Harton Way – officers had 1 bike confiscated recently, since then no reports of mini motors/quad bikes in the area

Anti social behaviour of youths in The Pathway – again linked to  Harvest Close, Beilby/Windsor Road group

Damaged lamp posts in Hazelhurst Road @ Livingstone Road – Council report they have checked the lamp posts which have been deemed safe and not a danger to the public

Rubbish in Linley Grove – council visited, situation in hand, council circulated leaflets regarding green waste.

Other updates

Sgt Knowles team will not be taking on the Brandwood area and will continue to patrol Stirchley and Kings Heath South as normal

PCSO’s and officers from the neighbourhood team will be taking part in “crime reduction days” led by PCSO 30656 Kennedy in conjunction with Halfords, whereby Halfords staff will be fitting anti-theft screws to any vehicle which is either out of warranty or currently has their number plate secured to their vehicle with screws.  The days will be 10-2pm Thursday 31st July 2008 – Co-op Stirchley, Thursday 7th August 2008 Somerfield, High Street Kings Heath, Thursday 14th August 2008 Sainsburys Maypole, Thursday 21st August 2008 Somerfield Cotteridge

W/C 18th August 2008, the team with be involved with activities at The Den youth group

5th August 2008, meeting with Liz Wood from the The Den, Royden Dawson Environmental Warden, Richard Green Birmingham City Council and PCSO 30655 BARLOW and PCSO 30656 KENNEDY regarding the graffiti clean up day in and around Dawberry Road/Dawberry Fields Road

All officers on neighbourhood 11 & 12 received their 2 day mountain bike course over 2 weekends.   PCSO’s and officers where possible will patrol on mountain bikes

The neighbourhood team are moving from Kings Heath Police Station to Kings Norton Police Station.  Kings Norton Police Station is not open to the public and all calls to the team should go via the West Midlands Police number 0845 1135000 asking for Sgt Knowles

Occupants of a property on Haunch Lane where we have carried out several drugs warrants  have now been evicted.


Panel members present:

Chairman: Dave Jee Hazelwell Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator).

Councillor Tim Huxtable (Bournville Ward)

Steve  McCabe (MP Hall Green )

Councillor Mark Hill (Brandwood Ward)

Liz Wood (The Den Youth project)

PC 2185 Brunt, PC 20444 Hughes, PCSO 30655 Barlow, PCSO 30656 Kennedy, PCSO 30660 Hayes


List of Members present from Partner Agencies

Royden Dawson (Environmental Warden, Birmingham City Council)


Approx 35 members of public present


Date/ Time/ Venue of next meeting

Wednesday 24th September 2008 @ The Hub, Vicarage Road, Stirchley

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