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Police: Kings Heath Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting - September 2007

Pasted below are the notes of the Kings Heath Police Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting of 27 September 2007.  I am pleased to see police making good use of information supplied by the public and also to hear about the success in catching graffiti vandals.

NB Date/ Time/ Venue of next meeting:
Wednesday 24th October 7pm @ The Hub, Vicarage Road

Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting Feedback

Neighbourhood:    Kings Heath South / Stirchley

Date of meeting:  Thursday 27th September 2007

Allens Croft School ****************************************************************

New Issues Raised – for action by police and partners



*Youth provision for under 11s or lack of.

*Graffiti in Harvest Close

*Shops believed to be selling spray cans to be visited.


Kings Heath South:


*Anti Social Behaviour on Sainsburys Car Park / All Saints Road

*Parking on grass verges outside Kings Heath Boys School

*Fly tipping in Holly Bank Road

*Vehicles being driven the wrong way along one way street..All Saints Road

*Invasion of Japanese knotweed on waste land in Kings Road





Answers – feedback and solutions

Feedback from Last Meeting


Garages in Oxford Street. Issues of poor security and repairs required.

PCSOs and Crime Prevention Officer have visited location. Several recommendations be followed up with environmental warden and garage owners


*V ehicles jumping red lights under railway bridge at Bournville Lane:

Officers and PCSOs have paid attention but have not witnessed any offences. Passing attention to continue.


*Continued issue of drug dealing in Haunch Lane outside shops:

Police operation on Thursday 20th September resulted in 4 arrests for drug related offences, and three for subsequent public order offences in the street. Two persons charged with being concerned with supply in cannabis. One remains in custody, the other has a bail condition not to be outside his address with another person between 6pm and 6am. Quantity of cannabis seized from address. This area remains an OCU high priority for police patrols.

Walkabout took place with police, environmental warden, ward support officer and Councillor Axford on 21st September. Long term measures of gating and environmental improvement are being considered.


*Grafitti in Featherstone Road and Livingstone Road area:

Young man who uses the tag ‘Flert’ has been arrested and is currently on bail to Birmingham Youth Court. He is also being dealt with by Solihull officers for offences in Shirley area. A CRASBO has been applied for to prevent him carrying pens and spray paints in public.

Young man who uses the tag ‘FAKE’ & SOBER has been arrested and is currently on bail pending further enquiries. He has admitted to tagging in the Kings Heath, Yardley Wood and Stirchley areas and has agreed to take part in an environmental clean up when his case is dealt with.

We are currently following up leads to identify the young man who uses the tag ‘EMOTE’. PCSOs have been visiting premises to advise on cleaning and removal of graffiti. Red Lion PH have recently painted their wall as a result of our visits.


*Litter in Kings Road / Millbrook Road/ Partons Road and graffiti in Hartons Way:

Walkabout of police and environmental warden to take place on 9th October.



Other updates (issues from previous meetings):


PC Fothergill and PCSO Barlow are working with the young people at the Den Youth club on a young leaders project.

Liz Jones introduced Liz Freeth who will take over at The Den Youth Club for six months.


Ardencote Road Garages:

Walkabout with Councillor Axford, Ward Support Officer, Environmental Warden and police took place on 21st September. All garage uses now have keys to the new gates although not all are keeping them locked! Garage survey has been done and the poorest condition garages have been reported for repairs. Others have had locks changed and will be re-let. A ‘dump the junk’ day is to be arranged with skips to be provided and garage owners encouraged to clear out their rubbish.  One person has objected to the removal of the fence in front of the garages at Marcliffe Grove. Police to follow this up.


Holly Bank Road:

Select and Save have applied to extend their licence to sell alcohol from 7am every day. Police have objected.


Three Horse Shoes:

A meeting has taken place between representatives of the PH and police. A number of conditions have been agreed to including: Closing time of 12 midnight Fridays and Saturdays, use of polycarbonate glasses, taxi marshalling, better radio link between door staff and baar staff, use of high visibility vests by door staff, better supervision of clients leaving at closing time, early notification to police of potential disorder. The agreement will be reviewed in December. A strip of land has been identified in Umberslade Road which may be suitable for a taxi rank.




Panel members present:


Chairman: Dave Jee  Hazelwell Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator).

Councillor Huxtable (Bournville Ward)

Councillor Gregory (Billesley Ward)

Sergeant Knowles / PC Ranger

Liz Jones (The Den Youth Club)



Councillor Summerfield (Brandwood Ward)


List of Members present from Partner Agencies

Roy Dawson (Brandwood Environmental Warden)

Carol Edge (Bournville Environmental Warden)

John Burke (City Services Lifford Lane)


Approx 29 members of public present







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