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The availability of good quality, affordable housing is an essential element in any decent society.  Yet, beyond proposals to limit rent rises for assured tenants, the Government has not yet chosen to prioritise it.  I addressed this problem in an article which appeared in the September 1998 edition of ROOF magazine and in subsequent articles which are listed below.

Part of the problem lies with the way in which the housing benefit system currently offers no incentive to private landlords to invest in property improvement or set competitive rents, and the fact that local authorities cannot borrow to invest in their own properties.  The solution is complex, but here are my five basic steps towards better housing:

  • Change the tax-benefits system to reduce means testing, and incorporate housing costs allowances into universal benefits - both existing (e.g. child benefit, state pension) and proposed (e.g. citizen's income). Costs to be met by savings in administration and a more progressive tax system.

  • Restore the right of people largely reliant on benefits to pay their own rent.

  • Local Authorities to be given the freedom to borrow on their assets in the commercial market using rent pooling to hold down rents.

  • Restore a more even balance between housing cost subsidies and bricks and mortar subsidies (for Government approved spending).

  • Having increased the supply of attractive rented housing at reasonable cost, move towards allocations made more on the basis of choice than need.


Adjournment debate held on 17 July 2001 on Housing in Birmingham

Question to the Prime Minister on Housing on 18 July 2001

Early Day Motion - Birmingham's Council Housing

Press Release - MP Quizzes PM on a Fair Deal for Birmingham's Council Tenants




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