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Easter Egg Packaging

13 March 2008

Local MP joins fight to cut down Easter Egg packaging

Lynne Jones MP today joined the fight to cut down on unnecessary packaging.   Lynne Jones MP showed her support for cutting waste at the parliamentary launch of Cadbury’s eco-egg.

Lynne Jones MP pledged to follow the example set by the world's largest confectionery company and agreed to take action on climate change through his/her own work and day-to-day activities.

Lynne Jones MP said, “It is vital that everyone shows their own personal commitment to tackling climate change in their everyday activities.  This could mean making sure that your television or computer is switched off when not in use, adjusting your thermometer or avoiding products with too much packaging.”

Easter is one of the confectionery industry’s most ‘packaging intense’ times of year.  To tackle this, Cadbury has launched a range of eggs to reflect the concerns of UK consumers to reduce packaging.

Cadbury unveiled a range of 'eco-eggs' called Cadbury Treasure Eggs, which rather than being sold in a box is simply foil wrapped. The Treasure Eggs represent a reduction of over 75% plastic and 65% less cardboard than previously used in standard eggs. 

As well as the new range of eco-eggs, the company has also pledged to cut packaging in its existing range of small & medium boxed eggs.

This Easter, the amount of plastic used will be reduced by 247 tonnes and cardboard by 115 tonnes, saving over 2,000 trees as a result. In total, as a result of the combination of launching the un-boxed Treasure eggs to avoid excessive packaging and reducing packaging on the standard eggs, Cadbury will save 1130 tonnes of packaging this Easter.

Lynne Jones MP said, “Whilst you are enjoying your Easter chocolate, make sure you give a thought to the environment!”





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