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South Birmingham Bus Network Review

This is a summary of the comments I received on the bus network consultation which I sent on to Centro:

October 2009

South Birmingham Network Review

Summary of comments received


Concerns with apparent lack of publicity given to review (e.g. no advertising on buses, bus stops, Centro information shop at New Street, public libraries, TWM website(!), Council’s Forward, GP’s surgeries).

Up-to-date area network maps should be available to view in public libraries;

Enhanced public transport is “crucial” for environmental protection and climate change reasons and, to this end, should be as safe (and pleasant) as possible for passengers (working cameras up and downstairs & regular visits from transport police and inspectors);

It would be nice to be advised of the proposed frequency of the new services but, for some services, the change of frequency is not mentioned.

Where bus routes cross (e.g. 11 and 18 in Cotteridge), efforts should be made to try and co-ordinate their ‘passing time’ so waits for passengers can be reduced.

How can services be heralded as improvements without assessing their impact first?  There are still some months before the new hospital access roads are to be opened so the closure date for feedback could be extended to allow for a better publicised consultation exercise.


New direct bus links to the hospital should “go into the centre of the hospital complex” **

The new routes to the hospital should have frequent evening and weekend services.


1 -“Increased frequency of service needed, especially Sundays”;

11 - “Service does not adhere to schedule displayed on stops – supposed to be every 20 minutes but waits of up to 40 minutes are frequently the case”;

19 - “Although Centro suggest this service will use South/Pamela Roads, it was understood that the 27 service had been re-routed from these roads some months ago due to difficulties with the narrow roads and parked cars”;

19 - “Regrettable that Hawkesley/Pool Farm Estates lose out” (although Centro point out that there are improvements to the 45, 49 and 84 services serving the same areas – however see below);

20 - “Proposals are acceptable  providing it is a regular service including evenings and weekends”;

21 - “Appears to be a major reduction in this service if it no longer goes via University Medical & Dental Practice in Pritchatts Road, Harborne (Green Man), Botanical Gardens, Five Ways and Broad Street.  Instead it will go via the current 44 route.  Will greatly diminish what is currently a very useful route.  Ironic that changes are due to the new hospital but the major GP practice in the area (UMP Pritchatts Road) will no longer be served.  Service is currently well used by students and other residents in University catchment area.  Service is (currently) used for shopping in Harborne, visits to the Botanical Gardens, and then via Five Ways to Broad Street, the concert halls and theatres in Centenary Square and Central Library.  Change of route will greatly inconvenience many people for no good reason – please reconsider or consider compromise: perhaps it could at least continue as now to turn left up Pritchatts Road after leaving the Blood Transfusion Centre in at the end of Vincent Drive and continue to stop at the University Medical Practice before turning right down Somerset Road to re-join the proposed new route via Edgbaston Park Road – access to the new hospital is laudable but should not be at the expense of community services”;

27 - “Increased frequency needed including evenings and weekends”;

45 – “Changes will be welcomed by those living near Masshouse Lane but has consideration been given to the impact on elderly patients attending Kings Norton Surgery?   The 45 presently operates every 10 minutes during the day, making access to the surgery quite convenient.  There are also hourly services which serve the same location, although their frequency makes them much less suitable than the 45.

If the 45 service is to be changed, visitors to the surgery would either need to take a lengthy walk back along Redditch Road from Foyle Road or would need to catch the 49 service from Foyle Road back towards Kings Norton Green.  This service, however, only operates every 20 minutes during the day and obviously involves a change of bus which is not presently necessary”;

59 - “Should have increased frequency”;

69 - “Improved access to new hospital welcome but concerned at loss of direct service to Weoley Castle and impact on access to local schools (Shenley Court School), Lodge Hill Cemetery and Weoley Castle shops. 

“Service frequency has decreased; formerly there were 4 buses an hour, currently there are 3 an hour and the proposals are for only two an hour”;

“Proposals are good providing buses go into the main hospital area”; **

84 - “Proposals are welcome provided they include regular full evening and weekend services”.

448 - “The review makes no mention of this service (West Bromwich - QE Hosp & University Station). Is this to operate as before?”.


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