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Foundation Hospitals - contents page

20 December 2004
A constituent's email

A constituent's email:

A constituent recently copied me into an email she sent to University Hospital Birmingham after receiving a leaflet about membership to its Foundation Trust Board.  I couldn't agree more with her sentiments.  After outlining the excellent care that various members of her family living all over the country had received from the NHS, she said:

"So how do I vote when I have received such excellent care from a National Health Service? All I want is the best possible treatment for my family and friends when they are at their most vulnerable. I haven’t time or inclination to be involved in the management of the services I need when my family is vulnerable. I rely upon quality staff and quality management decisions made on my behalf.

I will vote on these outcomes at general elections and not in between, I have a life to manage."

20 December 2004

I voted against the legislation creating foundation trusts and I share my constituent's concerns about the additional confusion they introduce into peoiple's understanding of who is responsible for decisions.  People want to vote for representatives who will take decisions on their behalf and be accountable for them.

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  • I recommend the excellent report on Foundation hospitals published by the Catalyst Trust:  IN PLACE OF BEVAN?

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  • South Birmingham Community Health Council's response to the DoH publication:
    A Guide to NHS Foundation Trusts

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